Jun 24 14 12:36 PM

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The Islamic Antichrist100Daniel 11:24 In time of peace shall he enter even into the fattest (Oil)places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have notdone, nor his fathers' fathers: he shall scatter among them prey, andspoil, and substance, and he shall plan his devices against the fortifiedplaces, even for a time.The Antichrist knows that if he controls the Oil in the Middle East, hecontrols the world, and every nation will have to bow down if they wantto get it. The Bible says the Antichrist will divide his spoils amongst hisfollowers, which is exactly what Muslims state the Madhi will do, dividethe spoils with his followers, just as Muhammad did when heconquered.The Bible is so accurate it even predicted mankind’s need for Oil. Inchapter 18 God calls upon the nations of the world to break off theirimmoral relationship with the Harlot. To stop doing anything andeverything to get her oil, to stop relying on it. Isn’t this the way it is now?U.S. politicians—especially in a Presidential election year—are alwaystalking upon the “dependency upon foreign oil.” The OPEC nationsdetermine the price of our oil at a whim—if they’re not getting enoughprofits they cut production and the price per barrel goes up. Thisaffects the ENTIRE economy of the world and every person living in it.Demand for oil across the globe is not going down but up—especiallyfrom China, who is going through an industrial and technologicalgrowth spurt.The fact is the U.S. and most every country in the world is “in bed” withOPEC. We’ve gone to war and made political and economicagreements with them so that we can continue to receive and beDRUNK with (let those who have ears hear!) with the wine of the Harlot.Our economies and our politics are “in bed” with OPEC and should shedecide to cut us off we would be DEVASTATED. We would be like thedrug addict whose had his only source of drugs taken away and wewould go through major withdrawal.In Revelation 18, however, God has finally had enough—The end ofchapter 17 has Him putting it into the hearts and minds of the Beast todestroy the Harlot which means her oil as well. God gives the nationsof the world one last chance to repent and calls upon us to “come outof her.”